Web Development Training

In technology world Open source Technology is the basic requirement and is mostly used. Now a day’s every company is using open source. Now the main question is what is Open Source? It is a simple concept; Open source technology is that technology which does not need any licence to be used i.e. free of cost. Today in IT field the most used open source technology is PHP.

Learning PHP means your better future in IT field. There is a lot of scope in IT field with PHP. PHP is so easy to learn and use and also you will have a lot of job opportunities after learning PHP.
Second important thing is a lot of frameworks like wordpress, jhoomla, magento, opencart etc are developed on PHP platform. The base of all these frameworks things is PHP. To learn all these frameworks it is important to learn PHP. Once you are familiar with the PHP you can easily learn frameworks based on PHP platform. This will also increase your job opportunities.

There are many companies and Institutes who are providing training in PHP but why would you join us?

Web Mission Technologies is an IT company which works on PHP platform and also provides PHP training in Rajpura. We are the Top leading IT Company in Rajpura also the best PHP training providers in Rajpura. We provide PHP training in completely industrial environment. Learning PHP in a company means you learn how to work in company’s environment along with learning PHP. All who will teach you have 8 years plus experience in IT field. First you will interact with the trainers who will provide you basic knowledge, clear your concepts, build your base and after that you will interact with the professionals who are working in MNC’s. This way you will learn each and every thing about the IT field. So hurry up come and join us and we will help you in getting the jobs.
Php Training Modules Core PHP and AdvancedPHP
Introduction To PHP and History


  1. Introduction to html and XHTML
  2. Doctype and W3c
  3. Basic HTML tag
  4. HTML web Image
  5. HTML Hyperlink
  6. HTML Font Style
  7. HTML Color
  8. HTML Table
  9. HTML List
  11. HTML Marquee
  12. HTML 5
  13. More…

CSS ( Cascadding Style sheet )

  1. Introduction to CSS and CSS3
  2. CSS Background -Image/color/Properties
  3. CSS Margin
  4. CSS Padding
  5. CSS Font Style
  6. CSS Links
  7. CSS Float
  8. CSS Border
  9. CSS 3
  10. More…


  1. Introduction to JavaScript
  2. JavaScript variable
  3. JavaScript Data types
  4. JavaScript Operators
  5. JavaScript Function
  6. JavaScript Array
  7. JavaScript Predefined Function
  8. Event Handler
  9. JavaScript Form Validation
  10. JavaScript Date And Time Function
  11. More…


  1. Introduction to Server
  2. Types of Server
  3. Installation
  4. Configure and setting
  5. How to work Wamp/xampp Server
  6. PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor)
  7. How to work PHP
  8. PHP ini Setting
  9. PHP Datatypes
  10. PHP Operators
  11. PHP String
  12. PHP Conditional Statement
  13. PHP Loop Statement
  14. PHP Array
  15. PHP Date And Time
  16. PHP GET and POST
  17. PHP File Upload
  18. PHP Function
  19. PHP Predefined Function
  20. Introduction To oops
  21. Class And Object
  22. Inheritance
  23. Polymorphism
  24. Constructor and Destructors
  25. Function overloading
  26. Function Overriding
  27. PHP Mail Function
  28. More…


  1. PHP Session
  2. Session Hijacking
  3. PHP Cookies
  5. Introduction To RDBMS And SQL
  6. Introduction To Mysql
  7. Mysql Operation
  8. Create Database And Table
  9. Mysql Operators
  10. MYsql Keyword
  11. Insert Command
  12. Select Command
  13. Delete Command
  14. Update Command
  15. How To fetch Data
  16. Mysql Function
  17. Database Backup
  18. Import and Export
  19. Join Method
  20. More…

Jquery And Ajax

  1. Introduction to jquery and Ajax
  2. Jquery library file
  3. Login Page Using jquery
  4. Effective example with jquery
  5. Ajax with server
  6. Ajax with mysql example
  7. Effective example Ajax with mysql
  8. More…


  1. Introduction to Web server
  2. Introduction to Domain name And Hosting
  3. Introduction to FTP
  4. Introduction to C-Panel
  5. Database configure
  6. How to File upload
  7. Domain and Sub-domain Information
  8. Create Email account
  9. More…


  1. WordPress
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal
  4. Magento
  5. MediaWiki
  6. OpenCart
  7. PrestaShop

PHP FrameWork

  1. CakePHP
  2. YII
  3. Codeigniter
  4. HubSpot